The debut of the Portuguese Vulpus reveals yet another opportunity to discover a new interesting musical reality. The band from Porto, under the aegis of Pest Productions, exhibits with surprising maturity its own interpretation of a post black definitely not easy listening, but that skillfully avoids any form of technical self-satisfaction, making functional to the cause all the individual steps, whether they are characterized by a solid black metal, a melodic and dramatic post metal or an enveloping and threatening ambient. What is most striking is the ability that these guys show in never let the tension of the work drop, whatever the juncture or the stylistic nuance exhibited. Around the fulcrum consists of tracks of great impact, such as No More Shall I Seek Comfort Amidst These Piles of Rust, Like Troxler’s Fading, Certitude II and Along Obsidian Shores, with an exasperated interpretation in its screaming to dirty plots that, net of acceleration, show a melodic and evocative potential not indifferent, rotate episodes of ambient more reassuring in the two short Dysphoria and Certitude I and absolutely prostrating in the prophetic and longer Hell Is Truth Seen Too Late. Vulpus surprise and hit hard, hitting the target at the first shot: in Certitude everything seems well focused on the objective, in the name of a balance that makes accessible even the most difficult passages. This is an album to be valued at any cost, being far superior in quality and expressive urgency compared to the work of many bands, even of a certain name, whose experimental drives are now included in their work following an ideal instruction manual.

2017 – Pest Productions