Asmael LeBouc’s name is associated with Funeralium, of which he has been a member since 2008, actively contributing to the last two albums playing bass and helping Marquis to express vocally a heavy existential disgust. The debut of his solo project takes place immediately after the exit from the band but shortly before that of Deceived Idealism, so it is not necessarily said that all this has influenced the sound of Taedium Vitae, ep of 2009. Disjecta Membrae immediately appear to be an extreme of what has been done by both Wormphlegm and Funeralium themselves, which may give an idea of what these twenty minutes of funeral contain even more tortured than the already not too friendly of the bands mentioned. Probably the stay in the group of Théry and Patte-Brasseur distracts for a long time the attention of Asmael from Disjecta Membrae, whose return occurs only in 2017 with another ep, De Exorcismis et Suplicationibus Quibusdam LIBER I, in which it seems that a hypothetical executioner has returned to the scene of the crime abandoned many years before to resume work from the point a where he had left it in suspense. The only subtle difference is that, below the heinous screams of LeBouc, you can appreciate the real riffs, following a logic of their own, although not always perceptible, this makes the quarter of an hour of monotrack another episode as ever malevolent, extreme and disturbing but basically not up to the much more inspired mother band.

2017 – Independent