First release for the three-piece band Bosco, composed of guitar, violin and drums. Stylistically we are in the parts of a doom-influenced progressive rock metal, essentially driven by the string instrument played by Laurence Cocchiara, to which the guitar of Emanuele Duchi and the drums of Lorenzo Nencini provide the appropriate rhythmic support. Here lies the peculiarity of an album that, due to its entirely instrumental nature, would risk being less interesting than it is: in fact, ours leaves ample space to an instrument like the violin that, when it has been adopted in rock and metal contexts, has always left its deep mark on the sound of the bands that have used it (among others: King Crimson, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Kansas and in doom, My Dying Bride). The trio from Orvieto does not reach certain heights of quality, of course, but it is appreciable the desire to get involved with a proposal sufficiently unconventional and, at the same time, listening not too difficult: the seven tracks offered don’t always unravel with the necessary fluidity and perhaps there is some interlocutory passage too much that, with modalities of this kind, they risk to decrease the attention; it’s true however that, percentage-wise, these moments are the exception inside a development in which it’s searched more the emotionality rather than the exhibition of mere technique, succeeding to compensate with ease to the always difficult to fill void constituted by the absence of vocal parts. Also a good variety of solutions contributes to the success of this first step, between softer tracks like Malinconia or the nervous Penombra, with my personal preference for the title track (not by chance the one with more doom traits), able to adequately represent the various stylistic drives that animate the sound of the disc. For Bosco, this is a really interesting test, even if it’s not easy to catalogue, and also for this reason it’s addressed to an audience not too wide and surely accustomed to similar listening.

2016 – Independent 2017 – Loneravn Records