Last December we talked about Music For Primitive, an album released under the name Gopota, a musical creature that involves Antonio Airoldi and Vitaly Maklakov. The first (which is signed here as A.) now comes to our attention with the second act of this project called Empty Chalice, with which he continues undaunted the work of sound disturbance brilliantly proposed on that occasion. Emerging is Submerging – The Evil shows traits more disturbing than threatening and here the ambient oppresses spreading like an ash veil on our sensory perceptions, projecting in the mind a gray and opalescent imaginary. The sound vibrations create a flow that could be the reproduction of the panting of a planet entered in its last millennia (if not centuries) of life, but also that of those who are huddled in their shells, refusing to deal with a humanity that precipitates unconscious towards its extinction; I say could, because the beauty of a musical expression so hermetic is precisely its ability to offer different keys to interpretation that can differ greatly depending on the sensitivity of the listener. The album, which is released on the Industrial Ölocaust Records label, winds along an hour of ambient that lives of a less pronounced noisiness, especially in the first two tracks Look Into My Eyes and Muffled Scream, coming even to offer some melodic glimmers in the form of choral parts disturbed by samples and effects in the magnificent Sidereal, the shortest episode of the lot. Much more characterized by industrial death drives are instead Emerging Is Submerging and Stolen Breaths and Destroyed Hope, titles that return in a rather obvious way that sense of suffocation that paradoxically increases out of all proportion, when you just try to emerge being driven down by a reality that has become unsustainable. Emerging is Submerging – The Evil is an eloquent example of how a music that moves in the wake of the albums of the never enough regretted Cold Meat Industry can be far more annihilating and, in its own way violent, than many extreme metal records; the sounds offered by A. work on the sides, force to think and leave a bitter aftertaste, revealing the great depth and the ability to affect the mood of the listener.

2017- Ölocaust Recordings