L’Infinito Abisso Dell’Anima is a duo from Bergamo formed by Ivan Bonomi and Vito Burini, at the debut step with this In Viva Morte Morta Vita Vivo. What is offered by the pair of musicians is an atmospheric and depressive black of considerable intensity, sung in Italian and therefore more easily understandable texts despite being declaimed mostly through a scream in line with the genre, sometimes alternating with a declamatory clean voice. If at a lyrical level the work sometimes tends to exaggerate in emphasis, in an attempt to describe in a very explicit way an evil of living that finally leads to a death with liberating connotations, the musical aspect is extremely convincing because some minimalisms of dsbm are brilliantly overcome while maintaining the salient features. It is thanks to this that the work of the two stands out from the competition, because the tension in the work is always maximal, with the contribution of a melodic sense well present even when the rhythms become more pressing. The aphorism of Giordano Bruno that gives the title to the album well frames the intentions and the feeling that are poured into the work without pause and in the end the five tracks, each attested to the average duration of nine minutes, involving adequately, returning all the discomfort that is told through his musical genre of choice, of which are preserved the salient features, including the use of a production not very clear. On a personal level, I think the work offers the best at the beginning and at the end, with the opening of great impact entrusted to Condemned to Oblivion and the closing marked by the dark and slower pace of Vertigini, where the intensity created by the combination of the two voices reaches significant peaks, but the central episodes prove to be anything but marginal or inferior, being essential for understanding and sharing the poetics that pervades the entire work. Those who love this kind of approach and sound can approach without delay this first work signed by L’Infinito Abisso Dell’Anima.

2017 – Club Inferno Entertainment