Neun Welten – The Sea I’m Diving

The Germans Neun Welten return with their third full length, eight years after the previous Destrunken. The eleven tracks contained in The Sea I’m Diving are as many pastel strokes that lull the listener through the voice and guitar of Meinolf Müller, violin and piano of Aline Deinert and cello, guitar and bass of David Zaubitzer: the deep connection with naturalistic themes (in this case with water as a pivotal element at a lyrical level) is perceptible in every single passage because, despite the landing to a more traditional song form, the changes made in the “world” of Neun Welten have not at all distorted what has always been the primary essence of their compositional strength. Moments of high lyricism are intertwined, so, with others in which the almost whispered voice of Müller caresses the eardrums; undoubtedly the music of the trio is aimed at those who want to find an oasis of peace, albeit virtual, a kind of imaginary clearing in the forest in which to lie and meditate, perhaps allowing a pinch of melancholy to brighten the soul. The sound of Neun Welten is pure poetry, and the welcome inclusion of the vocal parts makes it even more tangible that aspect by making beautiful songs like Drowning, Nocturnal Rhymes, Human Fail and the more post rock oriented In Mourning are just the peaks of a work to be enjoyed in its entirety and with the right predisposition: the enrichment, both moral and musical, is absolutely guaranteed.

2017 – Prophecy Productions