Moribundo – Raíz Amarga

As a rule, I’m not so enthusiastic about the Spanish language associated with rock and metal, but I think this is mainly due to the sweaty and plasticized cheerfulness of the Latin American sounds that disfigure our hearing everywhere, from supermarkets to the car radios of the too many “minus habens” that blast it along the streets of our cities; It must also be said that, besides the historical Heroes Del Silencio, the transgressive Brujeria and the brilliant Mago De Oz, there are not many others who have really left their mark expressing themselves in the Hispanic language. Moribundo, if only for the genre they play, have no chance to touch the popularity achieved by these bands, but I find that the Castilian language is perfectly suited to their excellent melodic death doom: the duo, composed by the multi-instrumentalist Evilead, known in this area as a member of Nangilima and live session with Famishgod, and vocalist Luis Miguel Merino, belonging to the death thrash band Vanagloria, handles the matter with great ease offering over half an hour of painful and melancholic sounds to inflame the dramatic lyrics composed by Mortvs Vyrr. The influences are disparate but still remain in the groove of an Iberian scene that, in addition to the mentioned bands in which Evilead is involved, sees among its spearheads Evadne, Helevorn and Autumnal: so we find two melodically irreproachable tracks like Vida and Antithesis, both of them with a remarkable emotional impact emphasized by a strong but communicative vocal interpretation by Merino, while the other two tracks Suicidio Ilustrado and Luz show in part a lesser intensity, maybe for a less linear trend due to changes of rhythm and pleasant piano interventions that end up breaking, somehow, the tension created in the initial part of the album. Nothing that compromises the goodness of the work as a whole: Raíz Amarga is an excellent work that puts Moribundo among the names to be considered in the near future.

2017 – Satanath Records