The first full length of the solo project called I, Forlorn, behind which we find the Dutch musician Jurre Timmer, is proposed as one of the most successful long-distance debut in melodic death doom in recent times. My Kingdom Eclipsed is an album in which is developed at its best the atmospheric and evocative potential of the genre, and this happens through a masterful interpretation both vocally and instrumentally, in addition to compositional skills of the first level. Timmer, who in this occasion is signed with the nickname I, is not an unknown in the environment, as active for some years with another solo project called Algos, while in our parts has collaborated as a vocalist to the success of the first album of The Void, but there is no doubt that what he did with the moniker I, Forlorn puts him even more attention in general. The death doom offered in My Kingdom Eclipsed, even with some trespassing in the funeral, is 100% focused to the call of emotional impulses cloaked in melancholy but not dramatic or despair, all thanks to an always solid executive system that mainly gives to the lead guitar the task of outlining the best melodies. Clearly I, Forlorn doesn’t open a new front in the genre, but it collects the best of the instances already expressed in the past by Saturnus, Officium Triste, Doom Vs. and When Nothing Remains, putting on the platter an abundant hour of sorrowful and involving music that finds its peak, as it should be, in the title track, a monument of depressive beauty that sublimates in a really touching final. My Kingdom Eclipsed is an album unassailable for quality and evocative potential, composed by a musician like Jurre Timmer with that innate sensitivity that is then the gift in common with the group of listeners to whom his work is addressed.

2017 – Independent