From the always rich treasure chest of I, Voidhanger here comes a new gem entitled Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering, the first work of the Finnish Nephilm’s Howl. The trio presents a black doom that, if it assimilates by force of things the basic guidelines provided by the seminal Bathory, moves more towards an interpretation more harsh and at the same time evocative style Primordial. The beautiful second track, Of Ordeals And Triumph, is quite emblematic in this sense, going to lap in a convincing way the typical sounds of the Irish band. This juxtaposition serves substantially to frame the sound offered by Nephilim’s Howl, because then every entity with a minimum of personality makes history in itself, introducing in its sound elements of discontinuity with respect to its models: ours, in fact, taking the move from the bases mentioned, they move obliquely between post metal drives (Hate Revelations) or sludge (Against The Worlds That Bind Us), and then merge everything into a more complex track but damn intriguing as the final Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering I, II & III. The album winds initially exhibiting its most intense and epic side and then gradually darken until, precisely, a final hints sometimes claustrophobic: the good thing is that Nephilim’s Howl are credible in the exhibition of each of these shades, demonstrating a good compositional variety and at the same time clarity of purpose on how to develop their idea of black doom. The vocal interpretation of Reavhan is effective in all its guises while VJR weaves with wisdom all the instrumental plots well assisted by the percussive work of AEK, and all this makes Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering an unexceptionable album in every aspect, able to offer moreover stylistic cues much less inflated than others: I would say that the elements to keep in due consideration this debut of Nephilim’s Howl are really all there.

2017 – I, Voidhanger Records