Skognatt – Ancient Wisdom

Skognatt is the solo project of Danijel Zambo, a German musician who is very active as a composer both under his own name and in advertising and film; his background, however, remains metal, an area to which he has dedicated himself in recent years with another of his one man ban called Derailed. In that case the subject matter was a post metal doom while, instead, in Ancient Wisdom, the second ep as Skognatt, Zambo is dedicated to an atmospheric black metal and, at least in the case of this ep, rather soft tones. The two tracks presented are both very nice, but in fact the black metal resides mostly in some acceleration and in the scream of the musician from Augsburg, since the prevalent use of acoustic guitar and the evocative atmospheres bring back even to the first Tiamat: not bad, considering that among all the various influences that today’s bands try to absorb from the past this is certainly not one of the most plundered. Danijel Zambo proves to be a composer of value, however, managing to disentangle with ease between metal albums, with traits still heavy, and a rich solo production that ranges from electronic to industrial to more recent episodes in the trip hop, a versatility that, however, does not prevent our to put on the plate a work of metallic quality, albeit very short. It can be concluded by saying that, in light of the goodness of the sound offered in two tracks like Ancient Wisdom and Xibalba, it is ripe for the moment to aim at the publication of a work under the name Skognatt with a more consistent length.

2018 – Independent