The active Japanese label Weird Truth, specializing in the most catacombic forms of doom, with a roster that includes, among others, Ataraxie, Mournful Congregation and Worship, puts on the market this excellent reissue of one of the best expressions of the most recent finnish funeral doom, or Coronation Of The Black Sun, the first full length of Profetus, originally published in 2009. The band from Tampere, which also has another long-distance album to its credit, the excellent …To Open The Passages In Dusk, immediately appeared as the ideal trait d’union between the two seminal funeral bands, not only in the Finnish area, Thergothon and Skepticism, taking the abysmal and depressive pace of the former and the solemn atmospheres punctuated by the organ of the latter. While being a work to be recommended to those who wanted to make their own a limited selection of twenty funeral doom discs, for the purpose of a full immersion in a genre hitherto unknown, Coronation Of The Black Sun in this new form becomes attractive to those who already know the contents, thanks to the enlargement of the tracklist to the songs that were part of the demo Saturnine, dating back to 2007 and published at the time only in cassette (which is equivalent to its current unavailability). All this is not only of historical value, since the two songs added, Skull Of Silence and Winter Solstice, are perfectly aligned for characteristics and quality to the other three funeral litanies constituted by The Eye Of Phosphorus, Coalescence Of Ashen Wings and the masterpiece Blood Of Saturn, reproposed at the end of the tracklist also in a live version, during a concert held by Profetus in Kuopio. In particular, Winter Solstice appears really as a pearl that would have been a crime not to bring to light, being a song of poignant and terrible beauty that represents, basically, the quintessence of funeral doom, with its suffocating and at the same time moving atmospheres. Often the re-release of relatively recent albums turns out to be little incisive if not superfluous, but this is certainly not the case, because, beyond the intrinsic value of the work in question, it is precisely the additional content that makes the difference, making the choice of Weird Truth worthy of unconditional praise.

2017 – Weird Truth Productions