Very interesting, although with a total production that does not reach half an hour and a total lack of details about the band, are the Australians The Limestone County Chain Gang. The “chain gangs”, or groups of convicts chained and employed for the construction of roads or in any case in forced labor outside the prisons, represent something that has always been closely related to the blues tradition; Lord, I’m Ready!, the first ep dating back to 2016, contained two tracks really very intriguing in which the songs of prisoners went to intertwine with a funeral structure, obtaining an alienating result as well as very effective. More conventional, in some ways, is instead the next release Throw Them Into The Blazing Furnace, Where There Will Be Weeping And Gnashing Teeth, containing a single track of thirteen minutes in which, after an eerie sampled intro, are exhibited sounds from the strong drone imprint with the use of a canonical growl, for a result still appreciable.

2017 – Independent