One of the minor Belarusian realities that did best were Longa Morte, emerged in 2012 as a one man band of Seth (Viktor Setko). To prove that perseverance often brings good results in the end, we must also say that the first releases of Seth had not particularly impressed but, through a split album, three full lengths and an ep, in that order, a slow but steady progression was evident that led to an album not epochal but of good level as Zvezdopad. This work shows how important it is to find a well-defined path to follow and patience if this means to go in the wake of bands more known and of certain thickness; wanting to look for the nitpick, in fact, Zvezdopad at times seems a Last Tape Before Doomsday released twenty years late but it is much more useful to find a polar star in the sky and follow a safe and already traced road rather than drifting looking for impromptu solutions or, even worse, that are not in the ropes of the musicians involved. In short, it was not regrettable for Longa Morte to take an important name like Worship as a main point of reference, but it is equally clear that, once obtained a certain compositional stability, it is then necessary to succeed at least partially to free themselves from their models.

2017 – Satanarsa Records