Cordis Cincti Serpente – Cenobitorium

Open to sounds like those offered by this project called Cordis Cincti Serpente should be normal for those who prefer darker and less conventional musical forms. In Cenobitorium the ambient takes a threatening and disturbing form, materializing in fact that feeling of unease resulting from the looming of some adversity. Who is behind this project has not spared himself in creating and finding sounds that remain in the background compared to those daily, as if to create a sort of parallelism between an emerged world teeming with ephemeral life and a submerged one in whose recesses are hidden entities about to awaken from a sleep lasted eons (after all, the beauty of such listening is just to receive different inputs depending on the sensitivity of the individual). If we want to exemplify, the coordinates of Cenobitorium refer to the less extreme works of Cold Meat Industry, whose heavy legacy has been collected by several labels, including the Italian Industrial Ölocaust Recordings that is offering releases of a certain thickness. The description of the three long tracks would be superfluous as well as nauseating, but it should be dutifully mentioned the risk of psychic erosion resulting from prolonged listening to the first part of Cenobitorium, with its evil bells that overlap with sinister creaks and distorted verses from who knows what form of life.

2014 – Industrial Ölocaust Recordings