Among so many improbable monikers or that, in any case, have little to do with the musical offerings of the various bands, that of Primitive Man perfectly embodies the evil intentions of these three guys from Denver. The band debuted in 2013 with a monolith titled Scorn, with which it immediately exhibited its uncompromising interpretation of sludge, exasperating to the maximum the impact and shunning the slightest pseudo-melodic temptation, leaving room for a sequence of slowed and distorted riffs overlaid by screams belluine. In the time elapsed until the release of this new boulder titled Caustic, ours have also released an ep and a series of split albums, the latter format, probably, is particularly suited to the proposal of Primitive Man, because almost an hour and twenty of misanthropic incommunicability (such is the duration of the latest effort) puts a strain on even the most well-disposed of listeners. Let’s say that half an hour of fierce tetragonia can also be appreciated, given its alienating and cathartic effect (on bad days, listening to a song like Disfigured at a nonsensical volume is still better than leaving the house and headbutting the first person you meet on the street), while stretching out the distance, the almost total lack of variations on the theme, except for the brief interludes of noise, makes it a real challenge to listen to Caustic in its entirety. Like the primitive men, the three from Colorado follow their instinct and do not make any calculation of convenience, and this does them credit, but the adhesion without mediations to this musical style passes by force of things through a more synthetic proposal, otherwise the inevitable shelving by the majority of potential users.

2017 – Relapse Records