Ceased – Resurrection Of The Flesh

Resurrection Of The Flesh, the first full length of the German band Ceased, comes after a series of singles that came together in the album, being also linked together by a valid lyrical concept. The band from Karlsruhe dissects in a rather deep way the relationship of man with death that goes to clash with the desire of an eternal life, going to feed the various religious beliefs and everything that follows: the musical medium to describe this is a death doom rather melodic and well-made, with a Black Room that opens the work going to touch sounds not far from Forgotten Tomb, while with Virus Of The World the sound is much darker and without brightness. Things change, in this sense, in the central part, thanks to two slower and more painful songs like Emptiness and Resurrection Of The Flesh, definitely attractive in their melodic development entrusted to a linear but very effective lead guitar, while the final Before The Law and Meaningless Words resume a more pressing rhythm, expressing in a credible way the disillusionment and anger towards the many wasted existences in following a road full of hope at the end of which there is only a double-locked door. Ceased turn out to be really good at giving their sound different moods, depending on the feelings described through direct texts but anything but obvious, even if, in light of the results obtained, if I were them I would push more in the future towards that vein more evocative that show to have widely in the ropes.

2017 – Loneravn Records