Soyuz Bear – Black Phlegm

Sludge doom of great impact for the long distance debut of the French Soyuz Bear. Black Phlegm takes its cues from the best bands in the industry (in addition to the declared influences of Eyehategod and Iron Witch, we must also add the inevitable Dopethrone) and, from the first notes of the title track, it is clear that the quartet from Toulouse has no intention of indulging in passages that are not marked by a riffing of uncommon heaviness. In a little more than half an hour Soyuz Bear go on without hesitation with their pachydermic but always quite direct pace, except for the short episode entitled S.W.T.V.M. and the violent acceleration of Scrub. For the rest, this black monolith falls violently on the listener without leaving him a chance: in the slower tracks (Swollen in primis) every riff is a hammer that nails the unfortunate to the ground, reaffirming that Black Phlegm is an album that perhaps does not shine for its variety, but exhibits a devastating impact in more than one juncture.

2017 – Necrocosm