Entering A Timeless Winter is the first work signed Talv, one man Italian band belonging to the crowded circle of atmospheric black metal. The interpretation provided by the Milanese musician A. has in fact several references that can be traced back to the depressive and ambient and, fundamentally, is endowed with its own effectiveness, with the painful dragging of the sound along rather long tracks, within which a thin melodic line is dirtied by a desperate scream that the canonical lo-fi production places in a reverberated background. At the same time, the obsessive repetitiveness at the level of rhythms and compositional solutions risks to penalize in the long run a work however interesting, but addressed to listeners with a consolidated propensity for these sounds. The shorter cover of Winterreise by Coldworld by Georg Börner closes an album that effectively expresses the misanthropic feeling of the author but that, at the same time, shows how it is also necessary, on his part, to take a step forward in terms of recording, since melodic lines never banal (those in A Sad Moon Concealed By Pines, above all) are often suffocated by the oppressive pace of the sound as a whole. Probably this is a very precise choice of A. who, in spite of an activity begun as Talv only a few years ago, has already numerous record releases to his credit, so it can’t be surely the experience to make him defect; it’s also true that everything largely corresponds to the idea of black metal behind this moniker: starting from the cover, up to the last note of Entering A Timeless Winter, everything is pervaded by a stubborn purity that translates into a compositional orthodoxy capable of communicating a sense of frost and estrangement of the human soul, in front of a reality that, never as nowadays, seems to flow in front of us like an endless black and white movie. Entering A Timeless Winter is an intense and deep work in which the strengths and weaknesses overlap constantly leaving, as is normal, the last word to the listener.

2017 – A Sad Sadness Song