Night Of Suicide – Broken

The year 2006 sees the first steps also to a project only half Finnish, since the Dutch Ben De Graaff is in charge of the voice, lending his rough voice to the notes created by Markus Heinonen, multi-instrumentalist at the time already involved with Astral Sleep, still in the death doom phase before turning later towards a psychedelic doom. What I Have to Hide…, Night Of Suicide‘s first full length, appears objectively still very unripe and lacking the characteristics to make space in a scene that at that stage, net of pre-existing bands, has just seen the emergence of realities such as Colosseum, Wormphlegm, Tyranny etc.. The second test of 2008, Unanswered, shows a melodic idea better developed by exhibiting those emotional cues completely absent in the previous work; nothing unforgettable but on the whole pleasant and promising, although over an hour of music is a project still a bit too ambitious for the potential of the duo at that time, as evidenced by the revisable use of clean vocals by a De Graaff who, years later, would have proved to be at ease even in that style. The quality leap comes with Desire in 2011: a cascade of sorrowful and melancholic notes falls for three quarters of an hour on the listener and when, sometimes, the lead guitar doesn’t appear flawless, it’s just a detail given the intensity with which Heinonen proposes himself and De Graaff help him with a quality growl. An adequate keyboards’ work binds everything together and allows Night Of Suicide to offer what they planned from the beginning; in the meantime the vocalist starts the adventure with Façade, a Dutch band protagonist of excellent works under the sign of a not obvious death doom. The commitment with what have become their main bands puts in stand by for several years the project of Ben and Markus, who return in 2017 with Broken, work little publicized but of remarkable quality, perhaps less fresh and melodically impacting than its predecessor but much more mature and better finished, certainly a work to be rediscovered, even if more oriented to an atmospheric doom to Doom:VS / Saturnus rather than a more canonical funeral.

2017 – Saarni Records