We resume with a little delay since its release Scars Of Aeons, which in turn is the re-release in CD format, by Indian Transcending Obscurity Records, of the second full length of the English Warcrab, published only in digital in 2016 by Black Bow Records. This may sound very complicated, but in reality it’s just a matter of intercepting the music when it comes to you and not vice versa, with the great advantage that, like all art forms, after it is accomplished it can safely sit for an indefinite period before someone lifts the veil and brings it to light. The label from Mumbai is one of those that stands out the most in its work of meritorious re-polishing of works that, otherwise, would risk being confined to a few intimates and this is precisely the case of Scars Of Aeons, admirable example of death sludge that takes in a fairly equal measure both from the most warlike death tradition in the UK (then Bolt Thrower), both from the muddy but rhythmic sludge overseas (with band like Crowbar leading the ranks). The result is definitely tasty, because the excellent Warcrab in a little more than half an hour throw in our ears five boulders that have the great merit of not being noticed only for their heaviness but, also and above all, for the ability of the band to vary the theme by finding memorable riffs, as well as giving excellent lead guitar parts that is not so obvious to hear in certain areas. That’s why this third Warcrab release (after the self-ttled debut full length of 2012 and the ep Ashes Of Carnage of 2014) has all the qualities to satisfy the lovers of death as well as those of doom, with moments of fierce pleasure resulting from listening to a killer track like Destroyer Of Worlds. Warcrab have the merit of bringing back to their native British home a certain kind of death metal, with the added value of a sludge doom component that makes it partially more current but, beyond everything, Scars Of Aeons is the tangible sign of a maturation occurred in a long time but definitely important on the part of this excellent band.

2016 – Black Bow Records 2017 – Transcending Obscurity Records