On this last work of the Ukrainian one man band Luna I could more or less make a copy paste of what I wrote in previous occasions: DeMort, owner of the project, continues undaunted to churn out a good atmospheric funeral doom entirely instrumental and that draws inspiration in a rather marked way from the sound of Ea, even if Swallow Me Leaden Sky shows an important progression, if not from the point of view of originality, certainly from the purely qualitative one. On the other hand, as already mentioned when talking about Ashes To Ashes and On The Other Side Of Life, the two full lengths released respectively in 2014 and 2015, going back to the typical sound of the mysterious American band is certainly not to be considered deplorable, especially if you appreciate in toto this musical expression that here is proposed with competence and good inspiration. The permanence of the entirely instrumental structure is still a limitation, even if maybe in this genre it’s less than in others; on the other hand, however, in this last work, we can’t help noticing that some of the elements of discontinuity included in the beautiful ep There Is No Tomorrow Gone Beyond Sorrow Under A Sheltering Mask, released between the first two full lengths, are taken up by the Ukrainian musician, thus managing to give to the whole a more dramatic and solemn aura, especially in the second of the two long tracks, the title track. It’s right here that the sound acquires several points in personality and depth compared to the good initial track Everything Becomes Dust, with the addition of a sort of sampled vocal that becomes pleasantly obsessive in the second half of the track: the guitar finally becomes the protagonist supplanting the keyboards in the predominant role assumed until then, moving everything on a more cosmic plan akin to that of Monolithe, another important source of inspiration for the music marked Luna. Thanks to this, the work of DeMort acquires the thickness that was sometimes lacking in previous works, rising to a decidedly complete form and very different from that of good substitute of the already existing, definition that seemed to be until now the most fitting for the one man band of Kiev. Swallow Me Leaden Sky gives almost three quarters of an hour of good atmospheric funeral death doom, which is unlikely to break through to fans of the genre.

2017 – Solitude Productions