After ten years of silence, Deinonychus, the band that is in fact the solo project of Dutch musician Marco Kehren, comes back with Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide to the eighth full length in a quarter of a century of activity. The black doom with strong depressive veins comes back to disturb us, always under the aegis of My Kingdom: on this occasion Kehren calls to help him the drummer Steve Wolz (with whom he has in common the past militancy in Bethlehem) and Markus Stock who, in addition to contributing with his keyboards, also took care of the recording of the album. With the table set for the achievement of an important result, Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide does not disappoint expectations: the desperate vocals stand out on a form of reasoned black, often characterized by more rarefied and evocative moments in which the scream of Kehren becomes almost a recited by tearing tones (Dead Horse). The difference between being emotionally impacting and expiring in the grotesque is all in the credibility of the name Deinonychus and, consequently, of the musicians who worked on the album; Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide never decreases in intensity, like or not the emphasis with which the existential malaise is conveyed, and frankly there is nothing else to ask from this return if not to remind us with force how transient our lives and fragile our psyche. On the cover, the stylized figure in an almost total darkness walks on the tracks waiting, perhaps, for an inevitable end, but it can also represent a forced road of which we know neither the destination nor the time needed to reach it. This last work marks the return of an inspired musician and, if someone harbors doubts, listen with attention and predisposition these three quarters of an hour of music, on which stands out the dramatic doom black of For This I Silence You, track that pushes to the maximum levels the sense of alienation from the reality and peak of a tracklist, however, altogether unassailable under every aspect.

2017 – My Kingdom Music 2020 – The Sinister Initiative