Restless – Funeral Impressions

In 2017 Restless, a duo from Trevi formed by Wald (ch, bs and bt) and Ulv (ch), make their debut; Funeral Impressions is a work musically addressed to the most essential side of funeral doom, which consists in letting the guitar lead a naturally slow and oppressive sound on which the growl of the Frenchman Hangsvart falls, sometimes combined or alternated with the ethereal tone of the Ukrainian Lilita Arndt. Unfortunately, it’s just the vocal compartment that is less convincing, on one hand because Hangsvart’s sounds mostly like an expressionless wheeze, very different from the convincing test provided only two years before with Arrant Saudade, while Arndt’s timbre brings with it all the perplexities related to the use of female voices in such contexts. Too bad, because the instrumental work in its linearity returns painful and melancholic sensations during the four long tracks offered in this album of the two Umbrian musicians.

2017 – Depressive Illusions Records