Just a few days ago I had the opportunity to talk about the re-release of the two seminal works that Mortiis released early in his career under the auspices of Cold Meat Industry. In fact, Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør and Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent are unanimously considered among the works that have fostered the development of the form of ambient defined dungeon synth, which sees among its most brilliant exponents in the Italian land Matteo Brusa from Milan. With this new project called La Tredicesima Luna, Brusa shifts the focus on a form of ambient that takes its cue from the precursors of the genre (above all Brian Eno, with bets also on the Kosmische Musik of the ’70s) but cloaking it with an obscure aura that, compared to the production of the English genius, refers mainly to a work such as Apollo. In fact, the whole is also supported by a cosmic afflatus that pervades the half hour of music of which Il Sentiero Degli Dei is composed; the two long pieces prove to be so enveloping and successful in their evocative function of scenarios probably only imagined by the best science fiction writers or visionary directors like Kubrick: it must be said that the sense of peace and apparent harmony with the universe is contrasted by a latent dismay, resulting from the inability of the human mind to circumscribe what is in fact unlimited. A beautiful test, obviously less immediate fruition than the works produced by Brusa with the monicker Medhelan, but with a conceptual depth that would be a shame not to grasp in its entirety.

2017 – Independent