Nordlumo is the name of this new one man band coming from Siberia and dedicated to funeral doom. As often happens, the music that comes from those cold and distant lands does not disappoint and the mysterious Nordmad succeeds in producing a beautiful work, through a performance of the genre melodic but at the same time very essential. There are few vocal inserts while there are almost no moments in which the sound is diluted with ambient or experimental passages: here everything is aimed at the creation of a painful melody but of immediate impact and, in this sense, it turns out to be emblematic the first track, entirely instrumental, The Autumn Fall, which prepares the ground for what will be the fulcrum of the album, the wonderful Devotion, over 23 minutes of pure suffering as well as safe nourishment for the followers of the genre. It ‘s always a deep sense of melancholy to hover for almost half of the song, during which the Russian musician also shows a certain elegance in plucking string instruments, before the interminable final throws us into a vortex of inalienable pain, with the reiteration of agreements slowed down to the extreme. Another peak of the work is the quarter of an hour titled Dreamwalker, a song of clear Ea imprint that opens in the last five minutes in a wonderful emotional crescendo; the rest of the work is not less important, however, that in addition to the already mentioned The Autumn Fall, offers the nervous and more iridescent Scripts and the wonderful cover of Weathered by Colosseum, a heartfelt and fitting tribute to the musical genius of the late Juhani Palomäki. Nordmad proves to be a musician of great thickness, giving an unassailable debut in every aspect and with all the chrisms to leave a mark in the fans of funeral doom.

2016 – Endless Winter