Second full length for the Texan one man band Ovnev, author of a good atmospheric black metal completely in line with the productions of Naturmacht house. The German label is probably the one that has in its roster the largest number of bands and solo projects dedicated to this specific form of black, which has its roots in a naturalistic environmental feeling well rooted in the DNA of the musicians of American origin. West is no exception to this sort of rule and offers a definitely valid album full of good melodic cues, maybe not always flawless from the executive point of view, with some smears in the guitar work that is amply compensated by a good intensity and the typical ability of the genre to convey emotions in a very direct way and without any filter. The five tracks are equivalent in value making the listening of Incalescence pleasant: among them I think that A Living Resonance is the episode that best expresses the sense of Ovnev sound, which in this case musically covers a fanciful but quite interesting story about the discovery of a lush ecosystem hidden in the Antarctic underground, created by intelligent life forms and destined to be revealed to humanity, with all the consequences of the case. The sum of all these factors makes the album certainly interesting and recommended to those who love atmospheric black with a strong North American imprint and well-dosed folk nuances.

2017 – Naturmacht Productions