The Negative Bias – Lamentation Of The Chaos Omega

In confirmation of how much black metal can offer an almost infinite amount of interpretations, here comes the debut of the Austrian The Negative Bias. From the very first notes it’s clear that from this Lamentation Of The Chaos Omega we can expect great music offered with attention to detail and an admirable measure in the dosage of the different elements that go to make up the sound. The Golden Key To A Pandemonium Kingdom is in fact a magnificent song with which the Viennese trio launches itself at breakneck speed in an exhibition of cosmic hatred that in this case enjoys excellent melodic lines, as well as the following track Journey Into The Defleshed Paradise (if possible even more beautiful than the opener) and that, later, will also range on ambient/avant-garde territories without ever losing the thread of the speech. As we said before, black music can be effective both in its most bare and primitive form and in the most transversal and restless ones, as this one is, when what makes the difference is the credibility and the competence of its interpreters. The Negative Bias give ample guarantees in this sense and offer an album of rare depth at every juncture, both when they push the engines to the maximum (Tormented By Endless Delusions) and when they stop their race in a sort of detached contemplation of chaos (Cryptic Echoes From Beyond Dimensions). Lamentation Of The Chaos Omega is an almost perfect album, another one of those that would have deserved in retrospect a prominent position in our end-of-year charts: I.F.S. has built a project destined to leave a mark, because it’s not so usual to listen to a first release, even if by musicians of proven experience, so well focused in every aspect (execution, concept and production).

2017 – Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum