I believe that one of the most terrifying hypothesis for every human being is the possibility to wake up inside a coffin placed about six feet underground. It’s normal, then, that a band called Into Coffin is the author of an annihilating sound, able to make tangible the sense of suffocation and the desperate alternation between paroxysm and delirium that precedes a real death and never so invoked. These three figures from Marburg stage two long tracks for a half hour of death black doom asphyxiating, frightening in its monolithic pace: something that really manages to shake even the most slumbering consciousness, drawing it into a vortex of alienation to which it is impossible to escape. The morbid slowdowns are preparatory to an unstoppable crescendo, a flow of lava that seems to climb the volcanic slopes, starting from a semi-solid state to become incandescent and reduce to ashes everything that meets on its passage. The Majestic Supremacy Of Cosmic Chaos is an ep that possesses that something extra compared to offers of similar tenor: I must admit that this form of doom, as appreciable as it is, I’ve always considered it rather predictable in the long run thanks to the total absence of outlets or atmospheric openings, but Into Coffin go beyond any kind of consideration of genre, because the intensity that is expressed in every moment of the work is nothing short of amazing, and probably unparalleled in an offer of this type. In the presentation of the German trio is associated with a seminal band like Winter but, in my opinion, their value goes far beyond, and I think I’m not exaggerating. Into Coffin with this album rises to the level of the most funereal singers of the worst nightmares of man and at this point, to complete the mournful journey, it is worth taking a step back going to retrieve the full length of 2016 entitled Into A Pyramid Of Doom, always released by Terror Of Hell Records.

2017 – Terror From Hell Records