The Swedes Pissboiler are another of the interesting novelties brought to light by Third I Rex. The Scandinavian trio debuts on long distance with this In The Lair Of Lucid Nightmares, a work whose starting point is a funeral doom that is largely contaminated by a sludge component, as well as by drones that find excellent outlet in the last track. The interpretation of Pissboiler is however quite orthodox in the opener Ruins Of The Past, where the sound drags with all its painful load of pain, without losing the main feature of the genre that is the reiteration of agreements painfully melodic. These Swedes, however, have a restless nature that leads them to explore territories contiguous to funeral with great property and fluidity, and all this is highlighted in the disturbed ten minutes of Pretend It Will End, during which the sounds become harsher but without diminishing the blunt atmosphere that surrounds the entire work. The long final track Cutters, as mentioned, is a delirium drone noise that attracts and repels at the same time, an aspect that becomes a common feature when the claustrophobic component ends up suffocating the occasional melodic cues. But this is a way of understanding the funeral matter that does not make discounts, going to dig into the flesh exacerbating the pain instead of soothing it: Pissboiler with In The Lair Of Lucid Nightmares show that there is no right or wrong way to approach the genre, because what makes the difference is always the thin thread, yet equally solid as those woven by a spider, which can inextricably unite the feeling of the musicians with that of the listeners.

2017 – Third I Rex