The Nevertanezra (or NTNR, as per the title of the full length of 2011) were born as a project of Michael Ventura, a musician from Utah who at the beginning of last decade published an ep and, as mentioned, a full length musically under the banner of a death doom quite varied and obsequious bill of the British triad in more than one step but still sufficiently original. The name Nevertanezra finds citizenship in the funeral field thanks to the ep Bastard of Prometheus, work containing a single instrumental track of over half an hour with a certain funereal charm, conducted by a remarkable work of the guitar that, net of some sporadic blow from the drum machine is the only instrument that is heard throughout the work. Understandably, listening to an album so structured can never be trivial, but, absurdly, even if Ventura is not a guitar virtuoso like Satriani or Vai, his work proves to be enveloping and compelling, forcing the listener to stay with the senses sharpened until the end to see how it ends what, in the intentions of the author represented the cycle of life from the first womb to the last breath. Ambitious, brave, interesting.

2018 – Independent