Who is looking for music that is as heavy and oppressive as possible should throw an ear to this second full length of the Finnish Coughdust. Worldwrench offers in fact about forty minutes of distorted sounds, with a specific weight unsustainable even for the structures of a nuclear power plant, with the strings of the instruments so low as to create a sort of rumble on which stand out the screams of the vocalist Murtonen. The strange thing is that, in the accompanying notes, there is also talk of stoner rock but, frankly, here we are faced with a death sludge doom in which nestle decisive particles of groove, a fundamental element to make listenable what would otherwise be a merciless axe dropped on the heads of listeners. Taking as a term of comparison a band with a similar approach like Primitive Man, in fact, we notice how Coughdust manage to escape the monolithic ferocity exhibited by the Americans thanks to a melodic idea that remains in the background but is equally present, as if it were a recessive hereditary character. Talking about the single tracks is useless, from the beginning of Serpents Of The Earth to the last note of Blind, Worldwrench shows the impact of a meteorite able to move a few degrees the rotation axis of the planet. It’s enough if you want to do a lot of harm.

2017 – Suicide Records