Vargrav – Netherstorm

From Finland comes this new solo project focused on symphonic black metal. All in all, the combination is not so usual, since normally this stylistic option is typical of the nearby Scandinavia, if not of the North American lands; in fact, the sound of Vargrav takes in equal measure these ideas to rework them in a form convincing for execution, sounds and writing. Looking at the shores of the North Sea it would be misleading to think of Dimmu Borgir, better then to refer to a band with less redundant sounds as Limbonic Art were, but all wrapped in an atmosphere that if you can not define absolutely Cascadian often goes very close. V-KhaoZ focuses much more on the creation of solemn scenarios on which to place a good scream and a pounding rhythm to provide the appropriate support: the most successful example of what is described is the beautiful Ethereal Visions Of A Monumental Cataclysm, obsessive and enveloping enough to understand that Netherstorm is an album that those who loved all the black metal descended from In The Nightside Eclipse onwards can not ignore (by the way, in the vinyl version we find as a bonus track Ancient Queen, one of the first tracks recorded by Emperor). Devoid of obvious weaknesses, this album shows how much there is still to say in this segment of the genre without necessarily expire in plasticized solutions or excessively winking.

2018 – Werewolf Records