Pale Horseman – The Fourth Seal

The american Pale Horseman in little more than five years of activity have already published four full length. The band from Chicago is the author of a sludge that, compared to the usual, appears much more oriented towards a classic sound rather than pushed by extreme propensities and, in the end, to connote in the genre in Pale Horseman we find the roughness of the vocals and the use of rather dark and low riffs, without this preventing to weave a sound more monolithic than hard. In fact, what remains from listening to The Fourth Seal is an intense doom sludge, compact and with a good groove, which brings us back essentially in the Crowbar area and surroundings. As for the enjoyment, as always everything is brought back to the taste of the individual: personally, the one offered by Pale Horseman is the form of doom that usually involves me the least, but while not being a big fan of this type of sound I can not help but appreciate the impact and conviction that the band puts into their songs, among which does not stand out one in particular within a long album but all in all without any particular loss of tension. Ultimately, that of Pale Horseman is a test that should certainly satisfy those who appreciate bands like the aforementioned Crowbar or Bongtripper, whose guitarist Dennis Pleckham also dealt in the studio of the sound of The Fourth Seal, as well as Noah Landis of Neurosis and Justin Broadrick of Godflesh, just to close the circle.

2017 – Black Bow Records