Mortis Mutilati – The Stench Of Death

The French one man band Mortis Mutilati was already taken care of several years ago on the occasion of the previous full length Mélopée Funèbre. Macabre, who in the past has played in excellent bands such as Azziard, Moonreich and The Negation, among others, has been carrying on for years a very personal idea of black metal, although overall without any particular experimental ideas. The strength of the sound offered is a good melodic taste that goes to intersect with a dramatic and intense mood, embracing sounds ranging from dsbm to doom, and it is no coincidence that the same Parisian musician defines his style funeral black metal. The Stench Of Death is the fourth full length that is added to a discography so far impeccable, with our that, after the first years in perfect solitude, has recently begun to take advantage of contributions from other musicians, including in particular that of guitarist Rokdhan: this inevitably ends up enriching a sound that has its foundations in black metal but from there moves to build something more composite, which draws equally from the doom more catacombal as from that dark wave that went to influence Katatonia of the superb couple Discouraged Ones / Tonight’s Decision. Macabre has a remarkable melodic taste that favors the enjoyment of a long work but full of moments of strong emotional impact, coinciding mostly with the most reasoned passages within beautiful songs like Echoes From The Coffin, Onguent Mortuaure and Invocation A La Momie, as well as in the long Portrait Oval. While not possessing a strong innovative impulse, the name Mortis Mutilati is remembered for a musical interpretation of the darkest impulses of the human soul anything but inflated, with its tragic and at the same time decadent pace that goes to make up a stylistic framework well represented graphically by the vintage horror cover.

2018 – Independent