Taiga is a Russian duo dedicated to an atmospheric depressive black of excellent workmanship. Scrolling through the names of the couple of musicians involved in the project, you can not help but notice that both are already known to the chronicles being Nikolaj Seredov, mastermind of the excellent Funeral Tears, and Alexey Korolev, boss of Satanath Records (which through the sub label Symbol Of Domination prints the work). If it was legitimate, then, expect something more than the usual we are undoubtedly satisfied by this Cosmos, an album with which Seredov abandons the funeral to let go to a form of musical despair more explicit as the dsbm. The voice then becomes the classic scream torn, with Alexey that on the other hand weaves keyboard melodies of wide-ranging, going to create that contrast between the two elements that the subgenre is characteristic. From this interpretation what is required to the musicians is the ability to transform the sense of despair and impending tragedy in intense sounds and able to shake and excite: the operation Taiga succeeds perfectly, giving the prints one of the best albums heard in the industry in recent years. Cosmos (which is the fourth full length published in four years, since 2014) is cloaked in those painful melodies that are in the baggage of those who also tries with the funeral, but enslaved to the most pressing rhythms of dsbm: for those who love the genre, the disc is something not to be missed, as it is a musical expression capable of evoking a whirlwind of feelings, representing shame, dismay, bewilderment, anger, rebellion and finally abandonment. The lyrics in Russian are only a partial obstacle to the fruition of texts endowed with a remarkable depth, considering the anyway scarce intelligibility of this kind of scream and the fact that with a good translator also the Cyrillic alphabet ceases to be an insurmountable obstacle: it is so less the last reason to deprive oneself of the listening of a work of great sensibility.

2017 – Symbol of Domination Prod.