Aorlhac – L’Esprit des Vents

The black metal coming from France is not always synonymous with complex sounds and experimental and dissonant veins: in recent times we are coming across several bands that, on the contrary, offer a very attractive interpretation thanks to the inclusion of a heavy epic component, aiming at an immediate emotional involvement of the listener. This is the case, for example, of Nydvind (we will talk about them in a few days) and Aorlhac, a band that in its ten years of activity arrives to the third full length, L’Esprit Des Vents, eight years after the previous one, La Cité Des Vents, and ten years after the first one, À La Croisée Des Vents. With the wind as a recurring term in the titles, the band from Aurillac pays homage to their city using its name in Occitan as a moniker, while musically the medieval imagery is translated into music with a powerful evocative impact, with nuances ranging from pagan epic to folk metal, all performed with remarkable skill. Of this work should be appreciated especially the overall result, because the songs are linked together just for the stylistic continuity and intensity that does not subside, overwhelming the fan of turn for its rhythmic and melodic impact. L’Esprit Des Vents is the classic work whose listening certainly keeps away from boredom: the foot beats furiously while Spellbound recites harshly in the mother tongue lyrics that tell about events of the past, making us really live in a credible way these time swings; within the sound of Aorlhac there are also several passages that refer to heavy metal, so they do not disdain even excellent guitar solos (La Révolte Des Tuchins), even if the six-string is usually used in tremolo to weave incessantly beautiful melodic lines (worth for all magnificent songs like Ode à La Croix Cléchée and an exciting L’ora Es Venguda). L’Esprit Des Vents is an album that really deserves the praise of anyone who loves metal, because despite its black base has all the trappings to find favor even in those who normally prefer other genres and, I would add, is completely in line with the high quality of the material normally offered by the small but very active transalpine label Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions.

2018 – Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions