Nekhen – Akhet

After the successful debut titled Entering The Gate Of The Western Horizon, we find Nekhen, an Italian musician struggling with his own intriguing mix of doom, ambient and Egyptian music. The fascination for the sounds typical of the land of the pharaohs is not a novelty in the metal field, with Nile being the leader and a series of bands following in their footsteps, but always under the banner of sporadic contaminations that are inserted into a structure that is still extreme, death or black. In this case, however, the traditional music is the basis on which then branch out the various drives of Nekhen, which in this case, compared to the previous work introduces more vocal contributions, including female ones by Eleonora B., while the whole appears even more varied and engaging from the first to the last minute. Obviously this half hour of music is divided into four tracks that require preferably a continuous listening, as the songs have a strong thematic and musical link that leads to consider them in a natural way as a single body; in fact, however, the subdivision between episodes allows to say that Invocating Khentiamentiu represents a sort of long and enveloping acoustic introduction to Invocating Bat, the true emotional climax of the album thanks to magnificent melodic intuitions, with Invocating Kherti and the concluding title track that finally lead sound to explore darker lands, in the form of a sludge doom that becomes heavier just in this last track. The skill of Nekhen lies in the ability to maintain close ties with ethnic sounds exhibiting great competence and continuity, and thus avoiding that the two components are presented almost as separate bodies. The music offered in Akhet has all the characteristics to make a breach in those who are looking for nourishment for the mind and soul.

2017 – Autoprodotto