Maze Of Feelings – Maze Of Feelings

The Polish Maze Of Feelings to propose their excellent death doom have drawn two vocalists from the Russian scene in the persons of Andrey Karpukhin (Abstract Spirit, Comatose Vigil) and Ivan Guskov (Mare Infinitum). In fact, the interpretation of the genre in this case is quite varied, thanks to the use of dual vocals, based mostly on the deep growl of Karpukhin and on the stentorian clean tone of Guskov, which gives further dynamics to a sound oscillating between much more robust passages such as the excellent opener Drained Souls Asylum, and others more in line with the melodic death doom as Where Orphaned Daughters Cry, or Cold Sun Of Borrowed Tomorrow and Grey Waters Of Indifference, in which also appears a female voice. The band, led by the two guitarists Marcin Warzyński and Krzysztof Wieczerzycki, however, shows several progressive pulsions that brings more than one variation to the canonical themes of the genre, without the work suffers from the point of view of homogeneity; It must be said that instead a minimum deviation occurs in terms of quality distributed along the album, since the first three tracks are really very beautiful and appear significantly higher than the rest of the tracklist, which is always attested on a good average level but without hitting much, except the final Dreamcatcher, in which we return to more rugged atmospheres and at the same time slowly cadenced. All in all, this first step by Maze Of Feelings can be considered definitely successful, thanks to an enviable sound and a series of good songs, placing the Polish/Russian band in a range of liking able to attract both those who appreciate doom and melodic death fans.

2018 – BadMoodMan Music