The solo project called Owl by Christian Kolf, vocalist of Valborg, comes back after some years, with an ep composed by only one long track of about twenty minutes. The German musician, since the beginning of the decade with this moniker has been the protagonist of a death doom rather dissonant and experimental, with a large component ambient: Orion Fenix maintains these coordinates showing how “the owl” does not intend to deviate from the main road taken. So, it comes out an interesting work, even if not for all the palates, as it lacks of strong melodic openings, except for a more airy final fragment, or of passages able to capture the attention at the first shot; Orion Fenix must be worked with a certain patience, looking for satisfaction within a threatening and heavy sound to be able to finally realize its objective goodness, which is revealed in a definitive way around the fifteenth minute, when a beautiful progression of post metal nature starts. The ethereal closure of ambient matrix reinforces the positive feelings produced by an ep that is the ideal appetizer to the already planned and upcoming full length Nights In Distortion: Kolf confirms to be a musician of value, able to build a sound proposal solidly introspective even if, inevitably, not too easy to enjoy.

2018 – Zeitgeister Music