The only album released so far by Yaroslav Yakos with his project Fretting Obscurity shows an approach halfway between funeral and death doom. With Flags in the Dust the musician from Kiev tries to explore a sound that has its roots in the last century, finding as a possible form of primary inspiration an album like Serenades by Anathema. Also for this reason the work winds with beautiful melodic intuitions supported by a guitar style a bit naive but effective in the long run; so, between dissonances and distortions, the good Yaroslav introduces us to his personal interpretation of pain that becomes music, and all this happens in a convincing way, especially if you are lovers of the sounds of the early nineties also in terms of sound performance. If the album does not leave room for recriminations at the compositional level, there is something to revise instead from the point of view of the executive and production: the conformation of one man band is not always the main cause of a poor and perfectible sound, but in this case, perhaps, Yakos would have needed someone to deal with.

2018 – Endless Winter