In Russia, as well as in the neighboring Ukraine, many bands have proliferated dedicated to a melodic funeral at the borders of the corny, at least in intentions, since then lacked the technical basis necessary to do so in an acceptable manner; better then those who pose with a disturbing approach as did Shishkin Les (Шишкин Лес), a band from St. Petersburg with intentions far more threatening. The first full length Materiya (2015) showed a quintet grappling with a funeral drone sludge viscous and obsessive, more tacked true ambient in the first and third track and powerful in the second; Univers presents instead a single track of half an hour that continues on the previous coordinates, with a pleasant female voice positioned in the background that softens the pounding riffing, at least in the initial part, since then experimental ideas take over leading to several changes of scenery having as a common feature a good intensity.

2018 – Independent 2019 – Slow Burn Records