Sadael – Deep Sleepers

After the publication of The Game, Vahe Soghomonyan didn’t lose the desire to surprise (and maybe to confuse listeners’ ideas), releasing shortly afterwards first the ep Ending Days, characterized by a remarkable melodic death metal completely instrumental, and, at the end of the year, the other ep Mindgame, whose content anticipates with two tracks (in that case only instrumental) out of three the full length Deep Sleepers (2018). In this new work of Sadael the dominant theme is the dreamlike activity seen as a meeting point between dream and reality, up to overlap the two aspects making them indistinguishable and condemning the dreamer to remain imprisoned forever in that unreal world. In terms of composition, the coordinates change slightly, turning to a more grim death doom, sometimes bordering on black metal, but appreciable in its entirety, although not touching the emotional peaks reached in The Game.

2018 – GS Productions