Excantation – Pilgrimage Of The Imperator

As a corollary to the activity of Ryan Wilson and The Howling Void, we should not forget what he did with Excantation, a duo in which he was joined by Shane Elwell, his companion in various projects and drummer of the infamous Intestinal Disgorge. In this new incarnation Ryan limits himself to providing the keyboard contribution while everything else, vocals included, is Ellwell’s prerogative; the funeral form offered is much less atmospheric than with The Howling Void and seems to take as reference points the historical bands with a less atmospheric sound like Mournful Congregation and Esoteric. If A Somber Endeavor (2017) was already a remarkable debut, and in any case not as superfluous as one might think reasoning about a side project based on the same genre as the main one, Pilgrimage Of The Imperator represents a not insignificant step forward compared to the already good previous work; the territories are no longer the melancholic and atmospheric ones of The Howling Void and this requires more listens to the album before it reaches its destination. The oppressive journey into the darkest depths of the human soul is accomplished in the best possible way, in the form of one of the best albums released in this period.

2018 – GS Productions