Veiled – Black Celestial Orbs

With Black Celestial Orbs we meet a new band from the United States that offers an atmospheric black music that will certainly attract the attention of the most attentive fans. In fact, Veiled is the new name of Gnosis Of The Witch, a project that saw the founder Niðafjöll accompanied on drums by Swartadauþaz, then replaced in the new configuration Dimman, drummer who is part of the line-up of the magnificent When Nothing Remains. What matters is that this debut full length offers a cross-section of atmospheric black with a cosmic mood that fully convinces, thanks to a linearity that is the great strength of a proposal without stylistic digressions, being focused on a repeated and evocative impact and letting the various mid-tempo flow in an enveloping and seamless way. All this happens from the first second of Luminous to the last of Omnipotent, leaving to the two parts that compose the title track the offer of some variation on the theme, with the first one featuring a rather rarefied instrumental break and the second one being a totally ambient episode. If in Portal there are slowdowns at the borders of doom combined with hints of depression, in Enshrouded some more liquid pauses break the tension of a song incessant in intensity: the American origin of the band, moreover, involves Cascadian nuances that are perceptible within an austere, solemn and enveloping sound. Maybe to someone the whole thing could appear a bit repetitive, but this is atmospheric black in its purest essence and already so, as far as I’m concerned, it deserves an unconditional appreciation, although the margins to do even better are all there.

2018 – Iron Bonehead Productions