The approach of the Finnish W.A.I.L. is definitely transversal to the extreme matter, which can be defined as progressive in the sense that the frequent changes of rhythm and mood, within two tracks that add up to a total of one hour in length, is in favour of a construction of the sound in constant evolution. Starting from a doom base, this quintet gives a follow up after nine years to the first full length with the same title, Wisdom Through Agony Into Illumination And Lunacy, continuing with this second part to follow the lyrical paths based on a philosophical concept rather deep and intricate, based substantially on the desire to demonstrate that good and evil are not separate entities but strongly interconnected, disproving what is in fact a mental mechanism of the human mind. If the concept is not easy to decrypt, the music is no less so, even if W.A.I.L. always try to give a logical sense to every sound turn, offering in more than one case passages with melodic appearances. The description of a work so structured is very complex and improbable outcomes, so you just have to enjoy these two long tracks that are certainly able to satisfy the most demanding listeners, between the black doom rather rough of the first part of Through Will To Exaltation Whence Descent Into A Bottomless Black Abyss, which in its long finale dissolves in liquid acoustic passages, and the atmospheric doom of the incipit of Reawakening Through Anguish Into Gestalt Of Absolute, in which there are also five minutes of delicate neoclassical piano, before closing the work with a dissonant ride. A great work, then, provided you have the patience to work on it for a time commensurate with its reluctance to reveal itself during the first approaches.

2018 – Triumphant Transgressions