Angor Animi – Cyclothymia

Kjiel is one of the most active musicians as well as one of the leading interpreters within the national scene gravitating around the depressive black, thanks to his militancy in the excellent Eyelessight and several collaborations with several bands, Italian and not. Angor Animi is the moniker of her solo project that sees the light with this magnificent Cyclothymia, a work with which the musician from Abruzzo can give even more free rein to her artistic sensibility aimed at exploring the darkest recesses of the human soul. In order to do all this, Kjiel avails herself of the presence of Déhà as a guest, a name that is a sort of seal of quality not only for all her countless personal projects (among which we recall those called Yhdarl and Imber Luminis for affinity with Angor Animi), but also for those of others to which she gives her personal contribution. For the sake of accuracy, it must be said that in Cyclothymia the Belgian musician takes care of the whole rhythmic part and of some guitar parts as a guest, leaving to Kjiel the whole compositional weight as well as the possibility to express himself at his best with the six strings and with his excruciating interpretation, integrated also by the contribution of the male voice of HK (Eyelessight), of the female one of Tenebra (Dreariness) and of the piano of Maylord (Dark Haunters). The result of all these components is an album of an intensity taken to the extreme consequences, that from dsbm borrows above all the vocal setting, while on a strictly musical level we are on the level of an atmospheric black post metal with an enormous emotional impact. Cyclothymia is a work addressed to those who carry the angor animi inside them since birth, even if in a latent way: only in this way can this sort of emotional exchange take place, which leads the listener to share the moods evoked by the musician. Kjiel, with this personal project of hers, confirms herself as one of the best and most credible interpreters of this particular sub-genre, certainly aimed at a niche of enthusiasts who have no fear of being overwhelmed by the discomfort and suffering that is made music.

2017 – Talheim Records