Prypyat is a town that would probably have remained unknown to the rest of the world if it had not been adjacent to the Chernobyl power station; today it is a ghostly place, abandoned by men and God (or any other deity), which will remain as an eternal memory of what man is capable of building and above all destroying. Little is known about the band or the project that acquired its moniker: some sources credit its Ukrainian origin, others the French one, probably due to the use of the transalpine idiom in some songs as well as the nationality of the label to which it belongs; the Russian blog Wings Of Asmodey, however, also mentions the name of the musician (Lem) and the city of origin (Donetsk), so given the geographical proximity of the source the data should be reliable. Tuman‘s only full length, released in 2018, is in any case a work of a certain merit, gloomy and rarefied as per the script, well executed and conceived and able to restore through a convincing funeral the sense of abandonment and despondency that the nuclear tragedy continues to provoke even 35 years later.

2018 – AotiFid