Omination – Followers Of The Apocalypse

Omination is a solo project with a funeral death doom matrix, which shows as its undoubted peculiarity the fact that it is the work of a Tunisian musician, Fedor Kovalevsky. If a proposal of this kind from a Maghreb country may appear unusual, it’s not so from the point of view of stylistic orthodoxy, which shows, as the only possible deviation, a propensity towards black rhythms disseminated within a work of an hour and a half in length. Fedor had already shown up this year with the demo …Whose Name Is Worthlessness, containing the eponymous long track that we also find in this first full length entitled Followers Of The Apocalypse. And it is the Apocalypse that is the dominant theme of a work in which hovers an unusual religiosity for this kind of sound, as well as a purifying vision that, personally, dismays me more than consoles me, but after all this is the result of the irreconcilable dichotomy between those who believe in something and those who do not. The approach of the Tunisian musician to the matter is however one of the best, thanks to an ominous aura that hovers constantly over the whole and that, if it inevitably suffers from a conspicuous duration preventing an easy fruition, on the other hand exhibits more than one moment of frightening intensity, that has in my opinion its apex in a track from the dramatic crescendo as Crossing The Frozen Wasteland, even if the same …Whose Name Is Worthlessness itself doesn’t joke in this sense, with its magnificent finale in the smell of Skepticism. Omination‘s funeral doesn’t offer a lot of space to melody, but at the same time it’s enveloping and emotionally impactful: in this sense, the splendid opening track The Temple Of The End Of Time is a partial exception, making it quite clear which are the noble sources of inspiration for Fedor, who aims at Esoteric and Mournful Congregation without being too far from those goals. Followers Of The Apocalypse is pleasantly surprising, widening even more the geography of a genre like funeral doom that continues to give emotions to those who can look above the thick black cloth that surrounds a humanity in disarray.

2018 – Endless Winter