This is the first EP for the Polish band Postmortal, who already showed off their skills last summer with the single Heart Of Despair, which earned them the attention of an important doom label like Solitude. Every release under the aegis of the Russian label always creates a certain expectation, so from Soil we expected at least to find out if Postmortal were a name on which to bet a few euros. From these twenty-five minutes, distributed over three tracks, we get positive answers, but not yet definitive, in the sense that the Krakow band proves to handle with all the mastery of the case a hostile material such as funeral death doom, offering on the whole a good test that still lacks the spark, the memorable moment that is then the only way to make peculiar a musical offer placed within a genre with limited room for maneuver. Elusion, Nighttime Serenity and Seven are three good tracks, with a sorrowful and melodic enough trend, well punctuated by a precise riffing and a growl up to the situation: all this makes Soil an ep highly recommended to those who love these sounds, which will have the opportunity to see the possible prodromes of a future first level band.

2018 – Solitude Productions