Netrayoni by Turin-based Nibiru is a record that cannot be ascribed to a single dimension, because more than music it is a fluid that expands in different directions, and the human cannot grasp all of this, now remastered and re-released by Argonauta Records. This double disc has so many levels and sub-levels, it is a detonator bursting in our brains. Compositionally there is no planning, the tracks were created with altered consciousnesses for altered consciousnesses. A very long jam, and the musical side is only one of many. The carnal way, life blazing in our bodies, ancient and ungodly gods watching us and waiting for our blood. So many visions, in a record full of images and life force, which is not necessarily positive, and is also a work that reflects no good and no evil, it is. If you were lucky enough to talk to Nibiru, and it is worth it because you would understand a lot more about their music, you would hear them say that Netrayoni is the record that best represents the spirit of this group, which is almost a medium for bringing beings from other dimensions into our midst, following the flow that comes out when we really become ourselves, for better or for worse, or when we throw ourselves into music, in this case by making it. Netrayoni is a very long requiem, which even when it ends continues, like a background radiation, like an ancient mechanism within us, also because this record is strongly against modernity and its aseptic sensations. There is no anaesthesia here, it hurts and disturbs at times, but this is what lies beneath the curtain of good intentions and our everyday falsehoods. The remastering of the record, and the resulting improved fidelity, throws us more into an astral plane that is not for everyone. Speaking personally, this record, and I will make a personal note that I think is wrong in a review but this is the case, has introduced me to Nibiru and opened so many doors for me, introduced me to people who are very important to me, and made me understand a lot about myself. I hope the same happens for you, but it’s not painless, and it doesn’t have to be. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 8/5/2018)

2014 – Independent 2015 – Argonauta Records

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